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North West Hampshire RAYNET forms part of the Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network, a national body of Radio Amateurs who are pledged to provide communications in times of emergency and disaster. RAYNET is organised with a national body and numerous local groups, including four in Hampshire.

The North West Hampshire group is centred around Basingstoke, and operates radio facilities within the Basingstoke & Deane Civic Offices in the town, and a similar facility in Andover.

As well as working closely with the local authority, the group assists at many charity events during the year (typically working alongside the St John Ambulance Brigade or the Red Cross) which both provides members with training opportunities and a chance to contribute to community activities.

Events covered in the past include:
  • The "Big Wheel" bike ride, in aid of St Michael's Hospice
  • The Naomi House Clarendon Way Walk
  • The Farleigh Horse Ride